Lehmani OÜ (Ltd.)

Bank: Swedbank AS 

Reg. nr. : 12549317

IBAN: EE 922200221058346223

VAT nr : EE101670533

AddressLehmani, Harju-Risti village,

76002 Padise parishHarju county, Estonia

e-mail: info@masings.com


"Masing’s Accessories“ is a registered trademark of Lehmani OÜ (Ltd). Everything that the company produces bears the name and idea of copyrighted trademark „Masing’s Accessories“. Founders is Peeter Masing and Veronika Masing.

 Next I will try to give an overview of what we are up to and why. Because everything has a meaning – ideas and energy, cause and effect. We wish that everything we create is positive, useful and has a deeper meaning to us all.

We wish everyone good luck and ideas !


The company’s main line of business is design, production and sale of gift packages made of fabric.

  • Are you looking for a special and unique packaging, luxury and beauty?
  • For respectability, eye-catching appearance, beauty and  thrilling design?
  • For innovation in product design packaging made of fabric?
  • Do you wish to be different and be remembered?
  • To create an image for yourself, to gain attention or appreciation?
  • To express gratitude and respect, appreciate someone?
  • To share your joy, success and love?
  • Enhance sustainable consumption and ways of thinking?
  • Do you consider environmental and user friendliness important?
  • Do you want to increase the range of goods and sales potential?

  This is exactly what we offer to you!  

  Creating options!  

    •  Our product range includes packages of different sizes, material selection and purpose, or packages for bottles such as for bottles of wine.
    • Packages for underwear, perfume, cosmetics, body care products, books, shoes, sweets, for children etc..

    Used as gifts, to show someone they’re being remembered, for selling goods, for tourists, as souvenirs, for anniversaries, for everyday consumption, to show someone gratitude, for special events or meetings  and so forth.

    We create beauty and options so that you would feel good. For everyone who appreciates and values such traits in products as: practical usefulness, beauty, uniqueness, singularity, eco-friendly design, crafts, recycling, eco-friendliness,success, innovation, knowledge, wisdom, wealth, luxury.

    In several years we have invested into diversified product development and creation of a sustainable business and trademark and for today as byplay we have created:

    •         Unique and beautiful product range of design packaging, gift packages – made from linen cloth and other environmental friendly and ecological materials, like raffia, sisal, cotton and linen laces. There is also a range of industrial materials available, such as synthetic polyester.
    • Clothing accessories and other exclusive products – hats, scarves, tube scarves, boot gaiters, mobile phone and glasses bags. Made from secondhand and new fabric materials.
    • Children’s blankie – made from thick and warm fleece (polyester).
    • Wooden boxes – painted with water-based colors, collection also includes models with fabric-lining or models with handles made of linen rope.
    • Wooden cutting tables and serving boards.
    • Wooden cake plates.
    • Decorative details and accessories to decorate interiors :
      • decorative bottles filled with refined cooking oil and products of nature
      • painted and decorated wooden pins
      •        decorative details for your curtains or tablecloth.       


     Our company’s, which we created with love and passion, slogan/motto is “Truly special- just like You!“. 

    That slogan says that just like us are our clients very special. And we consider that every one of us is diffrent and has his/her own ideas, emotions, wishes and kinks.

    We create beauty and design always something new – for you! Because you are so special and important! We love and value you! „Masing’s Accessories“ gives you choices so you could be truly beautiful and truly special!

    Our creation evolves and grows consistently on. With your help we wish to also grow as a company, invest in knowledge, people, materials, designand technology so we could offer even more choices in the future.

    The whole concept is based on the company's brand and value-based foundation.

    Supports and promotes the re-use, cost- and environmentally conscious consumption and the environment, and ways of thinking that will reduce the burden on the environment, improve the use of natural resources, will utilize the existing resources wisely and limiting unnecessary duplication or consumption and material usage. Thus, the purpose of exploiting and valorising the existing resources and the production of material, design, and create and sell products, where you can take advantage of both the old material to be recycled, and combined with each other to connect the existing and the new one.

    We do not do business only in its own interest and benefit, but primarily to serve the people and for the benefit, for them to be useful and necessary to meet the needs of people / clients' needs and to offer new solutions and options to broaden the range of options.

    All this makes us special!
    Together we make the world better and more beautiful!

    Use this opportunity and contact us! We are at your service.

    Wishing you good luck and love

    Yours sincerely,
    Lehmani OÜ(Ltd.) and “Masing’s Accessories“